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American Miniature Horse

Boober Dude was born with hind leg deformity.  He was well loved and cared for until his family was able to keep him once all his herd mates had passed away.  They asked Trinity to take him as a Sanctuary and companion for Xena.


We were contacted in February 2019 about a minature gelding who was the last living member of his herd.  His owners were elderly, and knew that Boober would outlive them, as he was only 13 years old. Once his herd mates all passed away, Boober was incredibly lonely and needed to be with other horses.  His owners wanted to ensure that Boober would be safe for and cared for for life.

We agreed to take him in as a Sanctuary herd member and a permanent companion for Xena, who has a similar medical condition.  They were both born with carpal valgus, causing their hind legs to not form appropriately. This requires constant care and trims to ensure they remain in balance and don't put undue stress on their joints.  

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