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Breed: Mini/Shetland Cross

Sex: Mare

Age: Born in 1993

Height: 36"


This sweet delight of a mini came to us in 2014 after being rescued from an abusive owner. She worked as a pony party mini, giving rides to small children alongside her daughter, Cupcake. While she loved children, and certainly enjoyed that aspect of her job, she was treated very poorly by her owner who allows her hooves to become painfully overgrown and did not provide her with enough food to keep a healthy weight for the work she was doing. Based upon how frightened she was of men; we can only imagine that her owner was very unkind to her. 

After arriving at the rescue along with Cupcake, Caramel came out of her shell with all people, kids, and adults alike. She began her new career as a rescue ambassador, teaching hundreds of volunteers and visitors the basics of horse handling. She took part in photo shoots, did field trips to schools around Metro Atlanta, and attended multiple fundraisers for the rescue. One thing was certain, she was always the epitome of a lady, graciously meeting anyone and everyone who wanted a chance to interact with her. 

She is currently enjoying her retirement at Pine Hill Farm where she lovingly watches over her mini herd and decisively puts individual herd members in their place when they put a hoof wrong. 
She is now in her early 30s and struggles with Cushing's Disease. She is on a special diet and medication to manage her condition. Overall, she is a sweet, loving and when necessary, scrappy senior citizen. We could not be happier to have her as a member of our herd.

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