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Help Us Save More

With every horse, donkey or mule that arrives at our farms, we make a promise.  A promise that we will do everything in our power to provide them the best possible life from that day forward.  That is made possible through our generous donors that support us in providing regular care, feed, vetting, hoof care, chiropractic, medicine, supplements, and a safe place to live. 

A $5 donation can pay for a bag of stall shavings. 

A $10 donation allows us to buy a bale of hay. 

A $25 donation can buy a bag of quality feed. 

A $45 donation can pay for a horse to have their hooves trimmed. 

Donations can be made in any denomination as either a one time donation or setup as a recurring monthly donation.  All donations are eligible for tax deduction.   Every dollar matters and makes a difference.

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Finance Their Recovery

Many rescues arrive at Trinity emaciated, injured or in varying states of neglect. It can take months of re-feeding and treatment in conjunction with our veterinarians and hoof care professionals  before they regain their health. With your $200 donation, you can sponsor a rescue horse for 30 days.  Your critical sponsorship will pay for their feed, supplements, hay and medications.  Be a part of their story and help them on their road to recovery.

Sponships may be setup as a one month donation of $200, or setup as a recurring monthly donation.  All donations are eligible for tax deduction.

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Businesses Giving Back to their Communities

Trinity Rescue and Equine Sanctuary is honored to work in partnership with numerous amazing local businesses and national corporations who share our commitment  to equine welfare.  Through these community partnerships, we have been able to complete projects that support our efforts to rescue and offer sanctuary to more horses within Georgia.  We invite business owners to partner with us in making a difference in our community.

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