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Breed: Paint 

Sex: Mare

Age: Born in 2007

Height: 13'3 hh


Candy was originally rescued in the summer of 2014 when she was impounded by the county where she lived due to neglect and starvation. She was found with two other horses, Koko (mare) and Hidalgo (stallion). All three were severely emaciated, living on a small dry lot without access to shelter, food, or clean water. It was nothing short of amazing that the three were still alive. The county impounded on site for 4 days to try to get all three hydrated and a bit stronger for the trip up north to Red Clay Ranch, one of our sister rescues. During that 4-day period, Hidalgo regularly deferred his food to Candy, only eating what was left when she was finished. When the trailer finally arrived to take them to the rescue, only Koko and Candy were strong enough to load up to make the trip. Hidalgo was too weak and could no longer stand, so the decision was made to humanely euthanize him. Candy and Koko made it to Red Clay safely and began their long journey to rehabilitate both physically and mentally.


When we were made aware that there was a possibility that Candy/Koko may be pregnant, Red Clay Ranch asked us to transfer them both to Trinity Rescue, as we had the resources and experience to manage pregnant mares and foals. Upon their arrival at the rescue, we had them both checked for pregnancy, and while Koko was definitely not pregnant, Candy had a little surprise package on board. Hidalgo’s final foal. Candy rehabbed beautifully, and on April 18, 2015, she gave birth to a perfect baby girl. We named the filly, Hidalgo's Legacy and called her “Lacey” for short.


Once Candy weaned Lacey at 6 months old, she had a few weeks of a break and then she was off to our trainer's farm for saddle training. She did excellent under saddle and returned 2 months later to begin schooling and awaiting the perfect adopter. She was schooled for 5 months at Trinity Rescue until she found her adoptive home with a previous adoptive family where she would be a companion for Monet in the Summer of 2016. Over the years, she would be joined by Gordon and Gizmo to round out her herd.


But sometimes life happens, and our adopters find themselves in situations that they never could have foreseen. Candy and her herd mates needed to return to the rescue when their adopter could no longer provide a home for them. We always want to be the first phone call if there is ever an issue with our adopted horses, and we were happy to have them back at the farm. Candy has grown into a sweet and loving mare, who enjoys long grooming sessions and just being with her humans. She does struggle with some intermittent lameness that we are monitoring before she is made available for adoption again in the future.

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