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Breed: Appaloosa

Sex: Mare

Age: Born in 2005

Height: 15 hh


Pearl arrived at Trinity Rescue in the summer of 2022 after having spent the last several years as a Therapeutic Riding horse at McKenna Farms Therapy Services. Recently they noticed that she seemed painful when being ridden and suspected her arthritis had worsened.  Even after trying hock injections to make her more comfortable, she still struggled with daily work, which made continuing her job as a mounted therapy horse impossible for her. Our friends at McKenna Farms reached out to us to see if she could join our sanctuary program to live her life in our peaceful pastures.  We had a recent opening with the passing of our beloved Scooby Doo, so we were happy to allot his space to Pearl.  

In almost all ways, Pearl is the perfect lady.  She is sweet with everyone she meets and is a beautiful addition to our pasture landscape.  Her only drawback is that she becomes hangry during mealtimes and is likely to chase, kick and bite her herd mates to keep them away from the feed stalls.  She was so aggressive that she was even trying to bite her friends through the panel walls.  To make her feel less threatened that her herd mates were going to take her meal, and to protect her herd mates from her wrath, we moved her to her own private feed stall, separated by about 20 feet from her friends.  This settled her down at once and certainly made her herd mates more comfortable coming up to dinner.

These days, she is happy to spend her days lounging around the pastures, interacting with all our volunteers and having long grooming sessions or bath sessions when the weather permits.  Each day when we leave her pasture after either the morning or evening meal, we remind her to be sweet and bite a few less butts until we see her again.  

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