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Breed: Mustang

Sex: Gelding

Age: Born in 2005

Height: 14'2 hh


Rhythm (aka Rhythm of the Rein) was captured by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) in Nevada the summer of 2010 as a 5-year-old stallion.  He was adopted by his trainer to be included in an Extreme Mustang Makeover in August 2010.  Rhythm made an amazing showing, finishing in the Top 10 in his division.  He spent the next several years continuing his training in the arena and covering hundreds of trail miles.  He found a knack for helping newly captured Mustangs begin their training journey by ponying them in the round pen and out on the trails.   


He was eventually sold to Gambel’s original owner to be both a companion for Gambel and a trail horse for his new owner.  He spent plenty of time on the trails before his owner developed severe arthritis which grounded him from further riding.  Rhythm and Gambel were both surrendered to the rescue in September of 2018 when their owner could no longer physically care for them.  Rhythm very quickly caught the eye of one of one of our trainers' students and she fell head over heels in love with him.  She made it official in February 2019 when she finalized his adoption.   


During the two years he was with his adoptive mom, he took part in Western Equitation and Western Dressage competitions, as well as plenty of trail rides and clinics.  He was thrilled when his adoptive mom decided to adopt his long-time best friend, Gambel, too in January 2021.  Sadly, his adoptive mom was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in March 2021 and passed away the following month.  He remained with her family until the Fall of 2021 at which point, he and Gambel both returned to the rescue.   


Rhythm struggles with chronic sweet itch and obesity. He is on a strict diet and during the summer months when the pastures are rich, he must be kept in a grazing muzzle 24/7.  He is currently on medication for his sweet itch and sugar balancing supplements as well to help prevent insulin resistance or Cushings.  He is happiest hanging out in the pasture with friends and an occasional neck scratch but prefers not to mess with the fuss of grooming if he can help it. 

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