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Breed: American Miniature

Sex: Mare

Age: Born in 2014

Height: 28"



Born with deformity in all 4 legs, Xena arrived at the rescue at 2 days old.  She had surgery to correct the deformity that was only partially successful.  She has overcome adversity to become and inspiration to all that meet her.  Xena has no idea that she is different; in fact, she believes she is an absolute star.  She can run and play like all the other minis, she just looks a little different while she does it.  Her story was captured in her very own children's book, Xena's Amazing Day, and her likeness was made into a plush toy through the Shelter Pet Online organization.  Xena visits elementary schools for book readings and meet and greets, assisted living homes, and has hosted field trips and book signings at special events.  Our own little celebrity!

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