Trinity Rescue and Equine Sanctuary's Pine Hill Farm location in Rome, Georgia is dedicated to offering sanctuary to its residents for the remainder of their lives.  Our sanctuary horses are not available for adoption due to a variety of reasons, such as age, health, temperament or ability to be ridden.  These herd members are often special needs in their diet, daily care and medical treatments required.



American Miniature Horse

Boober Dude was born with hind leg deformity, but was otherwise healthy.  He was well loved and cared for until his family was unable to keep him once all his herd mates had passed away.  They asked Trinity to take him as a Sanctuary and companion for Xena. Since joining the mini herd, he has become an excellent Rescue Ambassador!  He travels with Xena on field trips to schools, as well as hosts groups of students at the farm who want to learn more about horsemanship.



American Minature/Shetland Cross

Caramel spent her life giving rides to children at pony parties.  Unfortunately, her owner didn't appreciate her incredible value.  Although she was kind, gentle and forgiving, she was terribly neglected and treated poorly. As a senior equine, she will live out her life at Trinity being loved and adored.  Since her arrival at the farm, Caramel as been a devoted teacher to all of our junior volunteers and some of our adult volunteers, educating them on the basics of horsemanship and handling.



American Miniature / Shetland Cross

Cupcake, along with Caramel, had lived her life as a party pony.  She was also neglected and poorly treated. But unlike Caramel, she was not nearly as forgiving.  Her fear and mistrust of humans shows in her shy interactions around strangers.  But once you get to know her, she is as sweet as her name indicates.  She and her mom, Caramel, both love interacting with the junior volunteers.  She has also participated in several local school fieldtrips and girl scout activities at the farm.



American Miniature Horse

Born with deformity in all 4 legs, Xena arrived at the rescue at 2 days old.  She had surgery to correct the deformity that was only partially successful.  She has overcome adversity to become and inspiration to all that meet her.  Xena has no idea that she is different; in fact, she believes she is an absolute star.  She can run and play like all the other minis, she just looks a little different while she does it.  Her story was captured in her very own children's book, Xena's Amazing Day, and her likeness was made into a plush toy through the Shelter Pet Online organization.  Xena visits elementary schools for book readings and meet and greets, assisted living homes, and has hosted field trips and book signings at special events.  Our own little celebrity!



Jerusalem Donkey

A pasture and cattle guard since birth, Braylee came with the Pine Hill Farm location when it was purchased.  She was 3 years old and virtually feral.  She didn't have a poor history with people...just no history at all.  She want to connect with her human friends, she is just not quite sure how.  She is smart, and gentle, and is learning each and every day how to be an equine citizen.  She has an important job of watching over the senior horse herd at Pine Hill Farm, as she is fiercely protective of them.

Deborah 2.jpg


Jerusalem Donkey

Deborah arrived, with Howard, in December 2015.  She was incredibly shy and seemed fearful of most people.  Somewhere in her past, her trust in humans was terrible fractured.  She is a wise, old soul, and is protective of her equine family. She spent a big portion of her life as a cattle guard, keeping them safe from coyotes and other predators.  Now she watchers over the senior horses here at Pine Hill Farm where is can live out her life in peace.



Jerusalem Donkey

Howard is a handsome and loving senior donkey.  His suspicious nature makes him harder to get to know, but he is a sweet and gentle soul that craves attention once you break through his emotional barrier.  He is regularly referred to as the farm's snuggle donkey.  Like his jenny companions, he has been a cattle guard most of his life, so he works to keep the Pine Hill Farm sanctuary free from predators.  And in his spare time, he likes to hang out with his favorite humans, bumming treats and getting ear scratches.



Medicine Hat Paint

Boo was adored and cared for by his family.  He was well trained and competed in a variety of disciplines, and was a joy to ride.  In 2019, Boo developed allergy induced Heaves (COPD) and was struggling to survive in his farm environment regardless of treatment and medication.  A change of environment is what he needed to heal.  Since joining our sanctuary herd, his heaves symptoms have subsided and he has been able to come off steroids.  He will live out his retirement being a gelding of leisure.




Springer spent the majority of her life with her very own girl who showed her all throughout her teenage years.  But life circumstances changed and Springer grew older and was ready to retire. She needed a soft place to land to live our her remaining years.  When she initially arrived at the rescue, her bloodwork pointed towards cancer somewhere in her body.  However, she has regained her body condition and has become an active member of the senior herd.  She watches over Misty each day, assisting her in getting from grazing spots to feed stalls safely.

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Misty came to Trinity in the winter of 2013 after her owner contacted us and stated we either took her or she would be euthanized that day.  Misty was 20 years old and had a lot of life in her.  She was adopted by a wonderful family where she thrive for 6 years.  But unfortunately her eyesight began to fail and she needed to retire.  We were happy to include her as a member of our Sanctuary herd.  She will live out her remaining days gracing our pastures.



Tennessee Walking Horse

Thor joined us in January of 2017.  He was having difficulty maintaining weight and needed a specialized senior diet to help him maintain his body condition.  In his mid-twenties, Thor has seen it all, and has a been there done that attitude. He is a wonderful equine ambassador, happily greeting sanctuary visitors and introducing them to horses in a gentle and welcoming fashion.

Joe .jpg


Quarter Horse

Joe is a senior gelding who was rescued by his owner 15 years prior.  He was severely foundered and very untrusting.  She spent years earning his trust and teaching him to be a good equine citizen.  After her failing health prevented her from keeping Joe, she reached out to us to see if we would take him on as a sanctuary horse.  Joe has struggled with abscesses in his guttural pouch which required surgery, and continuous treatment. He also has a history of founder which must be managed through diet and limited pasture.   Due to the limitation of pasture, Joe will remain as as sanctuary horse at the Winding Creek Farm location.




Crazy Horse (aka Cray) came to us this past winter when his long time companion passed away at 30 years old.  Cray was beside himself and his owner put Crays happiness and peace of mind first before their own grief and asked us to take him in as a Sanctuary horse.